Zaino, an American Company, owned by Sal Zaino, develop their range of products around advanced polymer based technologies, as used in their famous Show Car Paint Polishes (sealants). Sal Zaino believes there's no reason we should have to wait for a car show to admire cars.  At Zaino, they have mastered the art of making ordinary cars, and not-so-ordinary cars, look like show cars.  They believe every day is good day to show off your car.  

The key to the Zaino range is the ability to layer the non-abrasive Show Car Polish sealants. The more layers you apply the higher degree of protection your vehicle’s finish will have from the harmful effects of the sun, environmental fallout and contamination. The other reason for layering Zaino is for the visual effect, it makes your paint look like it’s wrapped in liquid glass! Many show car enthusiasts have applied over 20 layers, however for most of us 3 are plenty. The Zaino Show Car Paint Polishes (sealants), Z2Pro and Z5Pro, also have an advanced accelerator system, ZFX. This allows you to apply 3 layers of the product consecutively in one 24hr period. This is the secret to that show car shine!

The Zaino product range also includes; Z7 carwash, Z6 quick detailer, Z8 & ZCS spray protectants, Z12 glass and Z14 plastic polish, Z16 perfect tire gloss as well as some products with abrasives to prepare your finish, such as ZAIO and ZPC for that show car shine. A jewel of the Zaino range is the Z9 Leather Cleaner and Z10 Leather Conditioner. These two can transform the condition of your leather interior and give back that soft supple feel and like new smell of leather.