Microfibre Products

AquaTouch Microfibre is manufactured using a state of the art splitting process, to create wedge shaped fibres of polyester/polyamide that are 1/100 of a human hair. The gaps between these wedges are small enough to absorb bacteria.

Aquatouch have worked in conjunction with Microfibre manufacturers, whose engineers have developed the perfect textile weaves to cater for many different applications. Low pile, looped tricot weaves are perfect for household and commercial interior cleaning applications and removing stubborn polish from your paintwork. Higher pile, shaved weaves are strong, yet Super Soft with a high absorbency to delicately remove dust from fine furniture and waxes and sealants  from paint work without scratching.

The Aquatouch automotive microfiber range includes washing & cleaning mitts, general purpose cloths, super soft paintwork cloths, drying towels, chamois, application pads and specialised glass cloths all designed for the intended purpose in mind.

The Aquatouch cleaning range of microfiber comprises of high quality commercial grade general purchase cloths, generally 40x40cm in size with colours to cover all the health colour coding specifications. These cloths are currently used by commercial cleaners in hospitality, health care, manufacturing, flood and fire restoration, aged care facilities and hospitals throughout Australia.