Menzerna have been developing polishing compounds for over 100 years. From their humble beginnings in 1888 to an international corporation, Menzerna Polishing Compounds GmgH are now a worldwide industry leader and Germany’s largest compound producer.

In the field of Automotive Polishing Compounds Menzerna have been developing a new standard of quality, workability and results attainable, often being called up on by vehicle manufactures at OEM level to deliver polishing solutions.

Developing the latest in diminishing clustered abrasive polishing compounds, eliminating filling properties and harsh solvents and making polishing compounds easier to use, has seen Menzerna achieve worldwide acclaim. Their polishing compound’s ability to be used on Fresh, Cured, OEM and Ceramic paint systems are reasons why it is used internationally by Professional Detailers, Collision Repair Industry, Dealerships and OEMs.

The introduction of their new comprehensive labelling and product designations system has now given professionals the tools they require to achieve premium quality results.