Flex Polishing Tools

For FLEX it's the craftsman who sets the standard. That is why they visit those sites where tools are used when developing new machines. That's precisely where they determine the specifications that every FLEX must fulfil. Foremost this includes the durability and longevity of the machines, as well as their power and functionality, ergonomics and design. 

This philosophy hasn’t changed in the 90 year history of FLEX. It all started with the MS 6 hand-held grinding machine, featuring an electrical motor that drove a flexible shaft, where the company name FLEX came from. Today we see Flex at the forefront of Machine Polishing Tools; the design, ergonomics, and the safety of a FLEX are what make them an industry leader worldwide. It is advanced technology that always provides new solutions to problems, revolutionising the work procedures of entire industries.

Millions of craftsmen who perform outstanding work using their FLEX every day.