CarPro Innovative Products

CarPro is a constantly evolving brand, utilising the latest technology from Asia and Europe, yes innovation is written into their name. The company was conceived to develop products utilising the newest technology available to market, much before some of the large brands had even conceived it was available.  The niche product strategy has seen CarPro grow to the industry innovator we see today. This often sees their products duplicated worldwide.

This isn’t everyday car care. Ceramic Quartz Paint Sealants, Nano abrasive polishes to 5 micron, cleaners that dissolve Iron and Tar fallout and contamination from your vehicle safely, is only part of the range.

Designed for the enthusiast and professional alike, the CarPro range of detailing products fill the gap where the other brands stop. To reach that next level in quality of finish and protection for your vehicle, look for the range of products from CarPro.